Saving Tomorrow, Today: Pursuing Sustainability Measures is a Growing Priority for Agencies

Municipalities traditionally rely on paper-intensive processes, especially in procurement offices where paper bids are issued for hard copy responses from suppliers. PlanetBids President and Co-founder Arpie Zavian states, “When the pandemic hit, many teams were forced to address this issue head-on. Incoming requests rose significantly when government employees were sent home, and suddenly, everyone was interested in automation.”

An agency that took the initiative to overcome this obstacle was the Inland Empire Utilities Agency located in Southern California. Contracts Administrator Robert Wallin says, “Picture going through 500 pounds of paper binders just to determine initial compliance.” And that was just one bid process. Through automation, the agency achieved their goal of instituting a fully paperless procurement process.

Zavian says, “Moving to automation saves more than just trees. It saves car emissions from eliminated drive time to a government office, while cloud computing reduces on-site storage requirements so that file cabinets filled with documents will no longer be required.”

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