World Earth Day 2024

Written by kimberlyc

April 22, 2024

STUDIO CITY, CALIFORNIA – PlanetBids is proud to celebrate World Earth Day on April 22, 2024. The California-based e-Procurement software provider is focused on removing the tedious day-to-day manual tasks associated with paper solicitations and the manual bid submission processes that still plague procurement teams of all sizes.

This application also allows agencies to measure and track sustainable procurement goals set by the user while being proactive in prequalifying sustainable, local and MWBE vendors. By simply moving these operations online, we are reducing paper waste and carbon emissions, and allowing users to make conscious decisions of who they buy from, all while saving agencies hours of time and millions of dollars.

The PB System™ from PlanetBids has SaaS-based modules for frictionless Bid Management, Vendor Management, Document Management, and more, saving more than 2200 trees each year – that’s approximately 22.4 million sheets of paper!

“We work for a company that is very green, and the purpose of our system is to promote sustainability and standardize across the nation with some of the biggest users in paper and transportation. We’re able to make a huge impact through this little piece of technology,” said PlanetBids CEO David DiGiacomo.

PlanetBids also estimates that its agencies save an estimated 61,000 commute hours each year by moving bid meetings and solicitation hearings online versus in person.

PlanetBids was named as an AEP Certified Platform (Achievement of Excellence in Procurement) by the National Procurement Institute, Inc., (NPI) in 2023, allowing PB System users to bypass the California application criteria related to e-procurement.

About PlanetBids

PlanetBids is an e-procurement software crafted by and for procurement professionals, with a mission to provide public, private, education, and non-profit agencies with tools designed for fiscal empowerment and time efficiency in an easy-to-use platform that helps them create eco-friendly, sustainable procurement processes.