General Questions

Are you in the cloud?

Our applications are all available over the web and are on secure dedicated servers. We do not utilize shared servers managed by a cloud hosting provider.

Do vendors get charged to receive bid notifications or respond to bids?

No, access to agency Vendor Portals are always completely free. PlanetBids doesn’t charge for registration, access to bids, or even bid notification emails. However, some agencies themselves may charge for bid plans.

Does the PB System™ check a vendor’s classification or registration with the different certifying agencies?

The PB System™ provides tools for real-time verification of certifications and licenses.

Vendor Questions

How do I find bids and receive bid notifications?

There are two different ways that you can search and receive bid notifications from PlanetBids.

Free: Register directly with the Agency that you wish to do business with by visiting the Agency’s Vendor Portal. Based on the categories that you select during registration, you will automatically receive an email notification when a bid is issued.

Fee Based: Register with VendorLine. VendorLine is a service that will notify you of new bids based on Categories, Keywords, and States selected. On a nightly basis, the system will cross reference your notification criteria against the Project Title, Invitation Number, Categories, and Description and Scope of Services of every new bid issued by all Agencies using PlanetBids. If there is a match, you will receive a notification first thing in the morning. For more information on VendorLine, please go to

How does the PlanetBids Vendor Portal work?

PlanetBids is a web-enabled procurement and electronic bidding system, implemented by agencies to provide better service and convenience to their vendors. In order for the system to work effectively, you must register with the agency online. As a registered and approved vendor in the system, you will be automatically notified of Bid Alerts that match the categories you have entered in your vendor profile. You may, at any time, search for the latest contracting opportunities available, request and download documents, and bid electronically (if applicable) on all open requests up until bid closing. Best of all, this service is offered to vendors for free!

What is VendorLine?

VendorLine is a fully automated service that connects vendors and contractors to bid opportunities through its intelligent search mechanism. It streamlines the process of searching for bid opportunities, registering and maintaining profiles for agencies that use the PlanetBids system, exposes your business to buyers and other vendors, and allows you to search for vendors and contractors.

How do I view an Agency's bid?

To view an Agency’s bid, go to the agency’s official website and find the link to their PlanetBids Vendor Portal. You may then register and/or select Bid Opportunities to view bids.

Do vendors need to register for each individual agency separately?

Yes, each agency manages their own vendor database and questions/requirements may differ for each agency.

Vendors interested in doing business with multiple agencies can benefit from VendorLine. Please see for more information.

Do you have a list of all the Agencies that you do business with?

For a partial list of Agencies using the PlanetBids System, please select About Us in the navigation bar. A comprehensive list is available when you sign up for Vendorline. What is VendorLine? VendorLine is a service provided for vendors who wish to simplify the process of registering, updating profiles and finding opportunities across multiple agencies all in one place.

For more information regarding VendorLine and how it can increase your company’s growth, please visit

Do you need VendorLine to access bids?

VendorLine is a service offered by PlanetBids that simplifies the registration process and allows vendors to receive bid notifications from all PlanetBids Agencies without manually registering with each agency. However, you can register with an agency directly from their Vendor Portal at no cost.

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