Emergency Operations Module To The Rescue!

In today’s world, it’s important to be prepared for various kinds of emergencies, from unexpected repairs like broken pipes and natural disasters like hurricanes, to acts of terrorism and civil unrest. The procurement office is no exception. Under a “state of emergency,” the role of the procurement office changes significantly. Resources are allocated differently in the wake of emergencies. The priority of procurement teams shifts from efficiency to locating needed resources to support those first responders.

One such preparation is having a handy listing of all available vendors. PB System™ offers a very affordable, easy-to-use Emergency Operations module that enables any organization to manage, maintain and retrieve up-to-date information on vendors that provide goods and services in the event of an emergency. Used in conjunction with the Vendor Management module of the PB System™, this module can be deployed departmentally or across an entire organization. Working from your computer, tablet or phone, this portable module can serve your needs from the office or in the field.