Construction Tech Issue of Enterprise Viewpoint – Beyond the Vision

PlanetBids is featured as one of the Solution Providers for 2021! Leaders in the construction tech industry are leveraging technology in new ways to better serve their organizations, and ultimately, their customers. According to Enterprise Viewpoint, “gone are the days when the usual construction process used to be viewed as tiresome, and more often than not, wasteful. Harnessing the potential of technology at our disposal, we are heading into something that can be called as more prolific in terms of end product as well as financial makeup. This is turned into a possibility by the aforementioned leaders who have chipped in their contribution at every corner, and have opened fresh realms of innovation that were never fathomed before. Their ambition to propel the industry forward has blazed the path for the new generation of companies who have a world of possibilities in front of them to conquer.”

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