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VendorLine™ is a comprehensive service offered by PlanetBids that is designed to connect vendors and contractors to bid opportunities. This powerful tool streamlines the registration process and provides an efficient method to maintain all of your individual agency profiles.

Since its inception in 2000, VendorLine™ has lowered costs, saved time, and maximized efficiency. VendorLine™ makes it easy for you to register with all of the agencies that use the PlanetBids PB System™, saving you time otherwise spent looking for agencies and filling out individual vendor profiles. We are continually connecting vendors and contractors with bid opportunities via our intuitive search mechanism. We also know how imperative it is to be notified of all relevant bid opportunities. VendorLine™ includes an automated notification system that delivers new bid opportunities directly to your inbox.

The success and growth of your business is as important to us as it is to you. When we designed VendorLine™, our vendors were our leading innovators. From the features and workflow to the layout and customization, your input was integral to the creation of a product that we are proud to call the best on the market today.

If you were told by an agency to sign up with PlanetBids

You have the option of going to the agency’s website and finding the link for their specific PlanetBids Vendor Portal. Or you may take advantage of the functionality in VendorLine, a paid service that allows you to manage your profiles with agencies using PlanetBids as well as register with them all at once.

How VendorLine™ Works...


Registering with VendorLine™ is incredibly fast and easy. You’ll be searching for bid opportunities and receiving bid notifications in no time!

Bid Opportunities

Search through hundreds of PlanetBids bids and bid ads. You’ll also receive email notifications of bid opportunities based on your notification criteria.

Account Management

Managing all of your individual agency profiles has never been simpler! VendorLine™ streamlines the registration and profile maintenance process.

Bid Participation

Participating in a bid is just one click away! Each bid opportunity includes a link that will take you directly to the bid within the agency’s Vendor Portal.

Features & Benefits

Learn how VendorLine can help you
  • Search through hundreds of bid opportunities and bid ads
  • Receive email notifications of new bid opportunities that match your interests
  • Register for all PlanetBids agencies in one place
  • Stay up-to-date with VendorLine™ and industry news and events
  • Search through the Business Directory for subcontractors
  • Maintain all of your individual agency profiles within VendorLine™
  • Expose your business to buyers and other vendors/contractors
  • Save bid opportunities of interest to your watchlist

VendorLine™ has been Designed with you in Mind

Grow your business icon

Grow your business

Vendorline™ grows your business by connecting you with bid opportunities and exposing your company to buyers and primes.

Save time icon

Save time

VendorLine™’s search mechanism allows you to quickly locate and participate in the bids that are relevant to your business.

Save money icon

Save money

Enjoy all of the benefits that VendorLine™ offers while remaining well within your budget.

Works everywhere icon

Works everywhere

As long as you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to access VendorLine™ everywhere on desktop or mobile!

Fast and easy icon

Fast and easy

Our intuitive user interface minimizes the time it takes to search for bids, participate in projects, and register with PlanetBids agencies.

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VendorLine™ is designed to keep your information secure and prevent unauthorized use of your profile.