Who Are We?

PlanetBids is a web-based eProcurement company that provides a modular suite of innovative and best-in-class solutions to help government, private, non-profit and educational procurement teams better serve their organizations. Our team understands the unique requirements of procurement, and our system is compatible and integrates within most existing financial systems. Ultimately, our PB Solution helps your team manage bids, contracts, insurance certificates, on-line auctions and emergency operations in a tailored, easy-to-use system.

Since 1998, PlanetBids has grown exponentially, serving a wide customer base across the nation. It continues to successfully assist its customers’ outreach efforts to suppliers while gaining greater control and visibility over spend, and streamlining many traditional time-consuming procurement practices. Procurement can then become more strategic as reports are readily available and manual tasks are automated. Our complete line of award-winning eProcurement solutions are offered through a suite of powerful modules that are easy-to-use, configurable, reliable and secure. And you make the choice. Either choosing individual modules to meet a specific need, or choosing several modules into an integrated solution, your organization will have real-time data through automated processes.

PlanetBids modules include: Vendor Management, Bid Management, eBidding for Public Works/Construction, Contract Management, Contract Management with compliance, Certification/Prequalification Management, Emergency Operations, Evaluation Management, Reverse Auction and VendorLine.

Available Modules


Discover the Power of PlanetBids PB System™


Outstanding Customer Support and Service

overviewImg_0001_Best Customer ServiceCurrent users of the PlanetBids System rave about our customer service. This is one key factor that sets us apart from our competition – customer service is at the core of all that we do. Whether it is one-on-one assistance, on-line webinars, in-person training, or answering questions and solving special issues, our exceptional team rises to our high standards of excellence. While some companies work hard to get new clients, we work hard to keep all our clients, new and long-term, happy with our solution and service. When it comes to customer support and service, PlanetBids strives to exceed your expectations.


Very Affordable

overviewImg_0006_lowOne of the first questions that we receive – how much will this cost? – and you will be surprised at how affordable our solutions are. PlanetBids is an easy-to-use, cloud-based eProcurement solution that does not require additional hardware or software. Initial setup and training of the PB System™ modular suites requires very little of your time to get started. One very important feature – updates or enhancements to all of our solutions are ongoing and provided at no additional cost. This is a unique concept from the traditional model of purchasing an enterprise software where the customers is then charged extra for implementation, maintenance and future updates. As a result, our customers incur less risk and lower upfront costs.


Go Green

overviewImg_0006_lowWith growing concerns of global warming, PlanetBids offers solutions to reduce by at least 90% the amount of paper, power and storage space used in offices today. No longer will you need to fax or mail vendor notices, bid requests or other correspondences. The PB System™ automates the entire procurement process and eliminates wasted time, energy and money. Let us help you Go Green!


User Friendly

PlanetBids strives to ensure all aspects of the system are simple, intuitive and quick to use. Our in-house developers design each and every module with one thing in mind – making sure it’s easy-to-use! At the same time, we are committed to the delivery of solutions that are robust, comprehensive, user friendly and ADA compliant. The PB System™ has been developed in-house with knowledge of the procurement process – from both the buyers and vendors point of view.


Safe, yet Transparent

The safety and security of your data is important to us. PlanetBids solutions are collectively delivered on a multithreaded platform architecture with integrated load balancing, clustered servers, multi-location redundancy throughout the nation, behind secure firewalls designed to scale securely, reliably and cost-effectively to hundreds of thousands of users. And while it is safe, it’s also transparent. You can rapidly gain access to your data and reports without installing or maintaining software, servers, networking equipment or security products necessary to ensure a scalable, uninterrupted and reliable service.


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