Evaluation Management

iconRFPEvaluation Management is offered as an add-on to the Bid Management module of the PB System™ or as a standalone feature enabling an organization to interactively conduct the evaluation process entirely online. It allows the buying officer and the evaluation committee to fairly assess a bidder’s ability to effectively execute a contract and identify the best proposal. Buying officers can assign evaluators, set evaluation criteria, attach related documents, build scoring measures, communicate with evaluators, qualify and recommend the most responsive bidder. Technical qualifications, proposal, cost, preference and presentation can be evaluated objectively, documenting the entire decision making process.

Key Features

  • Conduct RFP and bid evaluations
  • Share documents
  • Post schedule of meetings
  • Check technical qualifications prior to proposal evaluation
  • Create evaluation criteria
  • Review and score proposals without knowledge of pricing
  • Identify and record strengths and weaknesses
  • Monitor evaluator status
  • Consensus scoring
  • Automatic and custom email notifications
  • Documentation of notes
  • Unlimited evaluators
  • Comprehensive reports and charts
Automate the paper intensive process of project evaluation, realize savings of time and money of proposal evaluation, and identify the best proposal!