Emergency Operations

emergencyManagementThe Emergency Operations module enables any organization to manage, maintain and retrieve up-to-date information on vendors that provide goods and services in the event of an emergency. As a valuable addition to the existing Vendor and Bid Management modules of the PB System™, this module can be deployed departmentally or across an entire organization and requires no other modules to be functional.

Key Features

  • Identifies emergency suppliers from the master database shared by other public agencies
  • Additional emergency categorization (Goods, Services, Heavy Equipment…)
  • Complete emergency vendor detail form
  • Embedded into current vendor registration and edit profile forms
  • Pull reports by pre-defined categories, sub-categories, and additional descriptions
  • Schedule automatic vendor notification emails to maintain up-to-date emergency records (monthly, quarterly)
  • Scheduled emergency vendor summary reports
  • Unlimited user access across the organization
Nothing is more important than having a fresh source of reachable suppliers for goods and services in the event of an emergency or disaster. Every second counts and many lives could be saved!